Patience may well be a virtue but you can’t buy it on Amazon

Patience may well be a virtue but you can’t buy it on Amazon.

I know, I’ve tried.

In a world where loading that great labour saving device the dishwasher has become for many a task requiring Herculean doses of focus and fortitude there’s little argument that while we may not be sure what we want, by jingo we want it immediately; if not sooner.

Then there’s the impact the digital revolution is having on our ability to wait for something which takes longer than downloading an app.

All of which combines to create a generation with perhaps the lowest patience threshold since records began – for whom news is 24 hour and food is fast.

All this speed and convenience is meant to buy us the time to enjoy life, to do more of the things that matter and less of the things that don’t.

The reality though can be very different – at least where im concerned it seems. The time I gain is all too often spent trying to do more stuff, which translates into actually doing much less.

As the Blackberry winks at me on the side for instance I’m powerless to resist and find myself embroiled in emails when I should be on the floor, rolling around with my two boys – playing cars rather than playing ground ups.

There’s always one more thing to do though, one more email, one more job. But speak to parents – and especially fathers – who’s children have long since flown the nest and they all speak with one voice when they warn you not to let their childhood pass you by.

I’ve yet to hear one of them say they wished they had sent more emails in their life or attended more meetings and yet i still feel myself slipping inexorably down the same path at times.

Perhaps the one thing that could save our generation from getting our priorities skew wiff is the fact that children these days know exactly what’s happening when Dad responds to the beep of the phone rather than to them – and they aren’t afraid to point it out!

What they crave more than anything, despite all the wild and wonderful toys on offer, is the time and attention of their parents and do you know what, their impatience for it might just bring me to my senses the next time I feel the need to leave the Lego for something which feels like it just can’t wait.

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