Even the most stoney hearted republican amongst our number must have felt their facial muscles twitch into life when they heard news of the royal baby

Hearing that anyone is expecting – especially their first child – always makes me happy. It’s hard to explain why, it’s not like the future of the species hangs on every conception – quite the opposite some would say.

It must be more to do with knowing just how elated, overwhelmed and full of joy the lucky couple are about to become – not to mention exhausted, under prepared and full of coffee.

Antenatal classes, the labour room, the journey home, the first night, the first bath, the first Christmas – to say your initial few moments and then months of being a parent is unforgettable is a bit like saying you’ll feel a touch tired during it.

Having interviewed scores of new Dads for the books I’ve written on fatherhood I can safely say that every one of them, even the most cynical, stressed, ego maniacal  specimens had the wind knocked out of them by the sheer magnitude of what they had helped made happen – and the scale of the job that now faced them.

Of course Kate and Wills are not your everyday couple and may well benefit from help and support that goes beyond a shepherds pie from the woman opposite, but babies don’t give a monkeys about status and protocol and have a funny way of levelling all sorts of playing fields.

The way this royal  news came put though was anything but standard. Almost to a man jack we hold back telling our friends and all but the very closest family about early pregnancy and for good reason. The chance of miscarriage or other complications are significantly higher before the 12 week mark is reached.

The fact that Kate’s debilitating morning sickness and hospitalisation meant that the Palace sought to nip mounting speculation in the bud by taking the unprecedented step of going public pre 3 months will no doubt cause worry for the couple.

Those early weeks are fraught with nerves and trepidation at the best of times, without having every second played out to literally billions of people. Short of live streaming the scans on YouTube and putting the grainy image in Instagram it’s hard to image a more public pregnancy.

Even the amount, texture and colour of the Duchesses vomit is being debated in minute detail and it can only be a matter of time before a souvenir sick bag is available to buy online.

But what’s done is done and we all know now, so if collective prayers, thoughts and best wishes can achieve anything at all, things will turn out just fine – because royal baby, any baby, every baby – everyone loves a baby!